If You're Not In The Now, You're In The Nothing!

D.O.B.: 09/25/86

AGE: 27

HOMETOWN: Phoenix, Arizona


CURRENT TOWN: Phoenix, Arizona




ETHNICITY: Caucasian

JOB: Contracts Management Specialist


ITN Magazine(Tom): Who or What was your inspiration to get into modeling?

My inspiration was to showcase to tattoos. Growing up, I always said I would never get a tattoo. In 2011 my father and brother both passed away three weeks apart. My first tattoo was the words “You will be in my heart always” under my clavicle. My second tattoo was the poem “God’s Garden” which I had picked to be used in my brother’s funeral announcement. It was really important to me to do something in memory of my father and brother and a tattoo, in my eyes, was the best way. My artist, Tim Randall, has amazing skill and I quickly became addicted to getting tattooed. I felt the artwork he did on my body was so beautiful and meaningful that I wanted to showcase and share it.

ITN Magazine(Tom): How long have you been modeling?

About 6 months

ITN Magazine(Tom): Do you remember your first experience in front of the camera?

Yes, my first experience was shooting with Keith Selle. It was very nerve-racking and intimidating, working with somebody so big but he made me feel really comfortable and we did get some good shots; I always go back and look at all of the raw shots from my different shoots to see what I did wrong, what I could have done differently and use the images to create new poses or looks for upcoming shoots.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Was being in front of the camera something that came naturally to you or was it something you had to get used to?

It is still something that I have to get used to. Practice definitely helps. Looking in the mirror, posing for yourself and studying other models makes a big difference. Experimenting with different poses and facial expressions in the mirror and finding what works best for you is very important before getting in front of the camera.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Is it easy to find modeling gigs as a tattooed model?

I am very new to the industry but have been fortunate to work with some great people and have been fortunate to have opportunities presented to me. I think like anything, if you really want it you have to work hard for it. The more time and effort you put into seeking gigs, networking, etc. the more results you will see. Nothing in life comes easy and hard work always pays off in the end.

ITN Magazine(Tom): How busy is your modeling career?

I work full time in the healthcare industry and my career is my priority in life right now. I dedicate any free time I get to modeling, networking and promoting myself. I feel education and skills to fall back on are very important and I love my job and what I do; between modeling and my career, I am a very busy woman.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Let’s talk a little about tattoos, how many do you have right now?

I have a ¾ sleeve, the words “This Too Shall Pass” on my stomach, “You will be in my heart always” under my clavicle, the poem “God’s Garden” down my right side and modified lyrics from the Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert song, “Over You.”

ITN Magazine(Tom): What inspired you to get your first tattoo?

My father and brother were the inspiration for my first tattoo; they were actually the inspiration for all of my tattoos with the exception of my sleeve. They both passed away three weeks apart and I wanted to get something to memorialize and honor them. They both had and loved tattoos and I figured what better way to do something in their memory, than to do something permanent that will last forever.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Are you planning on getting more tattoos?

I am definitely planning on getting more tattoos. I already have a design in my head for my next sleeve and I really want to get a thigh piece. I am trying to design something unique and meaningful to be placed on my thigh. It is really important to me to have meaning behind my tattoos.

ITN Magazine(Tom): As a kid were you interested in temporary tattoos?

As a kid I had no interest in tattoos whatsoever, childhood friends and family members are always shocked when they see a new tattoo or piece that I get.

ITN Magazine(Tom): How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

I just recently started getting them.

ITN Magazine(Tom): What do your parents think of your tattoos?

My mother loves my tattoos and the meaning behind them. I know my father is looking down at me proud and honored.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Which companies/photographers have you modeled for because of your tattoos?

My two favorite photographers that I have worked with are Keith Selle and Stacy Michael; both are extremely talented and do amazing work.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Did you modeled before you had tattoos?


ITN Magazine(Tom): Would u say you were more successful before you got your tattoos or after, in your modeling career?

Definitely after.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Do you regret getting any of your tattoos?

No, each one of my tattoos was well thought out and all have meaning. I love each and every one of them and will never regret any one of them.

ITN Magazine(Tom): What is your favorite tattoo?

My favorite tattoo is the poem, “God’s Garden.” down my side. The words have so much meaning and remind me of the struggles both my father and brother faced. The poem helps to make me remember that they are OK and that they are no longer suffering.

ITN Magazine(Tom): What else would you be if you weren't a model?

I am a Contracts Management Specialist full time and I love my job. I went to ASU and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. I always dreamed of working in the criminal justice field but I was offered a great opportunity with the company that I am with and wouldn’t change it for anything.

ITN Magazine(Tom): What would be the first thing you would do if today was your last day?

Definitely spend the day with my family. My family is the most important people in my life and I would want to spend my last moments with them.

ITN Magazine(Tom): What do you do in your free time?

I am a homebody. I love cuddling up on the couch with my dogs, watching movies on the weekends. I also love to hike and try to hike as much as possible. If I had more free time, I would love to travel more. I definitely don’t travel as much as I would like.

ITN Magazine(Tom): What TV shows do you like?

I am a reality show junkie. I love all of the Real Housewives, Catfish, Teen mom but I also love Nancy Grace, 48 hours, snapped and other crime/mystery shows.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Where do you see yourself in "5-10" years?

I see myself hopefully married, with a family, still working for the company I currently work for and hopefully I am still fortunate enough to do some modeling work. I will definitely have significantly more tattoos.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Isn't it hard to stay fit? How do you manage that?

Photoshop. Lol, no really, I do a lot of hiking. I really try to count my calories and instead of sitting on the couch, watching TV when I get home, I will jump on my trampoline and do arm workouts with my yoga balls. My weakness in Pepsi. It is a habit that I really need to cut to stay in better shape.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Where can our readers find you on the internet?

I am on Instagram at: mmh1233, Twitter: @mmh1232, Facebook:

Vixens of Ink:

ITN Magazine(Tom): What are your thoughts on all the Social Networks all over the web?

Social networks are obviously a great tool to use to help market, network and promote yourself. They give you the ability and access to meet and contact people you may not have normally had the opportunity to but they also could be used in negative ways and could have negative impacts on people and in their lives. Bullying on the internet is a huge problem and a lot of people feel stronger or more comfortable bashing people over a computer screen, it has become a huge problem, which is very sad. I also think social media can have a negative impact on relationships and isn’t always the healthiest thing for a lot of couples to engage in.

ITN Magazine(Tom): If we were to look at your music collection, who are some of the Bands we would find?

Country, Country, Country. I love Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, etc.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Do you have go-to album on a rainy day?

I don’t necessarily have a specific album but anything Kenny Chesney always puts me in a good mood. His words touch me and I can relate to so many of his songs. His music definitely makes me feel better and lifts my spirits.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Do you have a favorite or most memorable concert you have attended?

Kid Rock was definitely one of my favorite concerts. He is so talented and definitely puts on a good show with a lot of energy.

ITN Magazine(Tom): What are some of your current projects you’re working on now?

I have a shoot in San Diego on the 15th of November that I am really excited about. I will be modeling bathing suits on the beach (freezing). I am very excited to get an opportunity to work with the photographer who will be shooting me; he is definitely extremely talented and does beautiful work. I also get to work with him in March in Puerto Rico I am very excited for both shoots. Check out my fan page for updates on all of the new shoots I am doing. I release new pictures all of the time.

ITN Magazine(Tom): Thanks for answering these questions. Do you have any last comments or words of advice for the readers of In The Now Magazine?

Always follow your dreams and don’t ever let anybody tell you that you can’t do something or you are not good enough. Do not pay attention to the negative comments or words people speak. In life you will always have people who discourage you or attempt to bring you down with their words. Ignore them and use it as ammunition to push yourself harder and prove them wrong. Always smile and look for the best in every situation and if you have a dream, follow it; don’t let anybody or anything get in your way.